ThreatMark Clair

New generation of Fraud Prevention & Risk Scoring for secure account openning

ThreatMark Clair is the SaaS platform for account opening fraud prevention in online consumer apps. Based on behavioral biometry and the analysis of granular data from online user sessions, it extends your risk engine and spots bad actors in real time.

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    Data Collection

    Clair collects detailed anonymized data about the visitors of your online application, from their device parameters (device, system and network information) to behaviometrical patterns (mouse movements, keystroke dynamics, site navigation).

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    Deep Behavioral Profiling

    Clair creates a global profile of the target group of customers, using the collected data and state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. It can then assign a score to each new user indicating how likely they belong to the target group. For instance, how likely they would be fraudsters or insolvent.

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    Actionable Prediction

    The score provided by Clair for each group is actionable. By default, Clair focuses on precision, but the settings can be easily modified according to specific business needs or marketing policies. It is also possible to create a completely new model and immediately test its value.

how clair works


Why clair

Real Time Prediction

After calling our prediction service you will get all the issued scores in just a fraction of a second.

Why clair

Data is Collected by us

We use a JavaScript probe for web applications and a SDK for mobile apps. However, optional user information can be provided via API for elevated context and increased prediction precision.

Why clair

Advanced Device Fingerprinting

Using our in-house developed algorithms, we can reliably detect multiple requests from the same device, or devices that have already been detected in suspicious activity.

Why clair

Assessment of User Intention

By using behavioral biometry and collected authentic data, we can characterize the end user as a human being and relate him/her to any predefined group of customers.

Why clair

Diverse Scoring Models

Besides behavioral biometry, we use optional user-related data to provide deep analysis of e-mails, phone numbers and networks. Every score will be explicitly provided according to our WhiteBox principle.

Expand your sight with Clair


Expand your sight with Clair


Identified Fraud

Seamlessly tell legitimate customers from fraudsters in real-time.

Reduced Defaults

We tell you which are the most valuable users for your business.

Saved Resources

Reduce manual processing and improve risk decision workflow.

High Precision

Actionable scores with minimal false positive rate.

Faster Processing

Shorter request-to-approval time, better business scaling.

Easy Management

Fully outsourced cloud solution with clean API.


STANDARD $0.5/loan Minimum $250/month
    Deep behavioral profiling
    Custom targets/UCs
    Clair Dashboard
    Reports and analytics
    Custom integration options
    L2-L3 Support
    Uptime SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! We supply every new customer with a free trial. You will pay only if you decide that Clair has an added value for your business - after PoC we provide extensive report of what was done and how much money could be saved.

How long can the trial last?

It depends on your loan operational volume, accounting rules in your country and in your company, what targets you set up for Clair (and if there are some customizations). On average a trial lasts from 2 to 4 months.

Can we use your scoring during the trial?

Yes! However while every new installation is providing added value from day-0, the full detection power will be achieved with all the behavioral biometry models. Some of them require additional training on data from your customers (which will be done during the trial period).

What about GDPR?

With our pseudonymized data collection strategy we cannot relate the data we collect to an actual person (unless we directly ask your operators). With disregard to this we treat all data we collect as PII and apply all the necessary steps to secure it, as well as fully support your customer rights (incl. "to be forgotten").

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